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Build awesomeness. Further your experience. Make money.  

Temeritee Corp. supports the brightest students (like you) to make awesome apps for clients around the world. 

Not a bad gig, heh?

Build awesomeness

Our clients want to make the next household-name apps. We help them get there.

Make money

Our projects pay significantly more than most college-friendly jobs.

Learn skills

We get you may not have delivered many projects. You'll get to work on highly valuable projects that help you learn valuable software skills you can bring to later careers. 

Work from anywhere*

You can complete the work however and anywhere you want*.

* Abiding by the project requirements and only working where you are legally allowed to; consult a tax professional.

Flexibility baked in

Classes, exams, time back home - we get it, as a deliverable based company, you'll get to complete work in a way that works well for everyone. And those deliverables can change over time as your classes and other commitments do too.

Flutter Software developer contractor

This what you'll get to work on:

  • Develop new cross-platform apps using Flutter, Dart, and Firebase including both front-end and back-end development.

  • Improve and update existing apps.

  • Implement telemetry, help monitor-live site, and respond to issues.

  • Participate in ideation, design, and technical spec work required to complete the software deliverables.

  • Meet with clients, when asked to, to help answer questions about your work.

  • Create video demos of your work that can be shared with clients.


Our clients expect great work and we do too. To help make sure we're a good fit, we expect you to have at a minimum:

  • You know how to code. You've worked on software projects and have the skills to work on deliverables comparable to mid-college level computer science coursework.

  • Dependable. You deliver work on time and meeting the requirements.

  • Professional. We expect those working with us to behave professionally at all times with one another and with our clients.

Ideally, you also have:

  • Experience developing ML/AI.

  • Experience implementing front-end UX.

  • Experience working with Flutter and Dart.

  • Experience in Google Firebase and/or Google Cloud Platform

Ready to apply?

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Have you worked on software projects comparable to mid-college computer science coursework?
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