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Temeritee Corp. has delivered top-quality web apps to customers since 2008 (then operating as Divisionware). Our business is driven on referrals from our happy clients. We are proudly based in Washington state, USA.

Our founder has always been passionate about creating win-win situations for everyone involved. When he was in college, he worked at a call-center that hired mostly college students. This way, the students could earn more money than they typically would and also gain valuable skills. Meanwhile, the company could access a flexible and motivated workforce and the call-center could provide high-quality service to its clients.


Our founder was inspired by this model and decided to apply it to a more complex and creative field: app development. That's how he started Temeritee Corp., a company that prefers talented students whenever possible, to bring clients innovative and affordable app solutions. At Temeritee Corp., we believe in empowering the next generation of developers and delivering amazing apps to our customers.

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